2020 is coming to an end and Adobe alerts consumers that Flash support will be discontinued too

In early 2021, Microsoft and Adobe expect to drop support for Flash. Microsoft has recently confirmed that it would immediately uninstall the Flash Player for the next Win10 update. Adobe has also issued a new warning at the same time to alert consumers that the app will be removed indefinitely.

Users will also allow use of Adobe Flash Player until the deadline. Adobe claimed that “Flash content will be prohibited from running in Flash Player from January 12, 2021. Adobe strongly recommends that you immediately remove Flash Player from your system by clicking the “Uninstall” button.”

Furthermore, Adobe also stressed that they consider protection as a starting point and warned users that Flash content would immediately stop running in January next year even though they chose not to manually uninstall the Flash player.

Currently, Adobe is steadily withdrawing Flash support and all Flash users are likely to see the above alert within three weeks. In addition to Adobe, via Windows Update, Microsoft also plans to uninstall Flash Player directly from the device.

This transition will not impact the usual usage of a user’s browser, because before the next big version of the browser is modified, Flash will still be one of the built-in components. Microsoft Edge v88 and Firefox 85, for example.