2020 Korea Digital Forensics Society Winter Conference

The exchange of information, including presentation of research results from digital forensic technology papers and preparation of technology security measures, will take place.

Monday, November 16, 2020, 14:50 GMT

On November 20, the Korea Digital Forensic Society held the “2020 Korea Digital Forensic Society Winter Conference” at the Future Convergence Technology Hall at Korea University.

It is currently going to be done offline, but, depending on the situation, it can be switched online. Co-hosted by the Korea Digital Forensic Society, the National Police Agency, the Korea Criminal Policy Research Institute, and the Korea Copyright Protection Agency, this conference presents the research results of a paper on digital forensic technology that ended on November 6 and provides an in-depth discussion of digital forensic technology.

It is anticipated to be a venue for the exchange of information to prepare a security plan.

The Digital Forensic Technology Division was chaired at the winter conference on this day by Dr. Yongho Kim, a law firm, and a study on the analysis of artifacts based on data leakage behavior. Analysis of Xiaomi smart home artifacts from a digital forensic perspective. Automatic Chinese ships from a digital forensic perspective. Analysis of identification devices.

Hosted by Professor Sung Jin Lee of Baekseok University, the second session was a special lecture on.

Why Do Korean Companies Go to US Courts?

The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Chang-Hoon Lee of the Seoul National University of Science and Technology and opening remarks by Kyo-Il Jeong, President of the Korea Digital Forensics Association, welcoming remarks by President Sang-jin Lee of the Korea University Graduate School of Information Security, congratulatory remarks by Chief Commissioner Kim Chang-ryong of the National Police

In the third session, Professor Gyeong-Hwa Do at Konkuk University presented the grand prize in the Digital Forensic Challenge Contest under the theme of Digital Forensic Technology II. Key file collection techniques based on financial companies’ Digital Forensic Always Prepared Model (FRRaaS) Proposal for digital sex crime investigation policy using open chat rooms as the subject will be presented as Document scan image classification technology using deep learning.

Next the fourth session will be hosted by Kim Ki-beom, head of the National Security Research Institute, and Dr. Jeong-Hum Park of the Introduction of Digital Forensic Analysis Tools of Korea University,’ Digital Evidence Management using Blockchain’ by National Police Agency researcher Je-wan Bang, and ‘Tim Nine’s presentations such as’ Artificial Intelligence and Digital Forensics’ will be helped by’

In Session 5 of the ‘Digital Forensic System and Debate,’ Sergeant Yoo Jeong-eun of the National Police Agency is in charge of a discussion on the subject of ‘A Study on the Necessity of National Digital Forensic Strategy’ by Professor Ki-beom Kim of Sungkyunkwan University and researcher Han-gyun Kim of the Korea Criminal Policy Research Institute . Furthermore, Professor Yang-seop Kwon of Gunsan University presents the necessity and operation plan for the digital forensic professional witness system.

Meanwhile, digital forensic challenges, including summer and winter academic conferences, continue to be conducted annually by the Korea Digital Forensic Society. The contents announced here provide the investigators in the field with a lot of information, including applying it to the actual investigation site.