2,5 million details for mobile consumers distributed by the Italian mobile operator

In a dark web hacker community in Italy, it was discovered that Ho Mobile, a mobile contact service in Korea, is selling customer information. This is the first item discovered under the name @Bank Security by a security specialist working online. A networking service offered by Vodafone Enabler Italia is Ho Mobile.

Bank Security watched the Dark Network as usual and spotted an ad. It was about supplying information about consumers to mobile operators. He cautioned that as SIM Swapping attacks have recently become widespread in Italy and there is a lot of debate among cyber criminals, the implications of this attack may be very serious.

“2.5 million customer records and information.”2.5 million customer records and data.”it also provides very useful information to hackers preparing for a sim swapping attack.”it also provides hackers preparing for a sim swapping attack with quite useful information.

Sim swapping refers to an attack tactic in which cyber criminals access the personal details of consumers stored in the mobile operator or purchase the mobile operator and inject the same SIM card as the victim’s usage into the air system; in essence, the victim’s mobile phone is accessible to the intruder. Via this, the two-factor authentication encryption device based on text could be compromised.

This currently offers details on 10 smartphone consumers for a taste. In order to get the remaining 2.5 million databases, you have to pay, but the price has not yet been fixed. The sale will maybe be carried out in a similar fashion to an auction, Bank Security says.

“the only thing you need for a sim swapping attack is your phone number and ICCID information,”your phone number and ICCID information are the only thing you need for a sim swapping attack,”you can easily make a sim swapping attack (if you buy information from me).”you can easily make a sim swapping attack (if you purchase information from me).”Unless the carrier provides new SIM cards to all 2.5 million customers, it will be more difficult to fail.”Unless the carrier provides all 2.5 million customers with new SIM cards, it will be more difficult to fail.

Ho Mobile has not yet declared a clear location. It is still not known whether or not the data that the killer appears to have is actually the consumer data of Ho Mobile. There is also no security specialist to thoroughly validate this.

The real victims of this incident to date are Ho Mobile’s clients. The organization has not yet reported if it is aware of the incident, and it is being sold by attackers to those who seek more violence. Clients will be vulnerable to phishing and phishing threats as well as sim switching in the future. This may add to financial harm.

“There are many businesses that say that privacy is important and they take security seriously, but for some reason, privacy and security incidents occur every day, and it is difficult to find a good response from businesses.” “After all,” he said, “it means that we are not actively investing in security,” he said.