28 hours of battery life IPX7 waterproof quality revealed to Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro specs

Ishan Agarwal had announced the key specifications of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro to 91mobiles prior to the press conference. Galaxy Buds Pro is scheduled to be launched on January 14 along with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Fresh details quickly became accessible after finding the official website of the earplug on the Internet.

The latest Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro price leak also indicates that this pair of earbuds could be more pricey earlier this year than the Galaxy Buds Live. The leaked news also disclosed the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro’s architecture and key features, such as active noise reduction (ANC) and 3D spatial audio. Let’s delve right through the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds, bass motor, tweeter driver and other hardware features.

28 hours of battery life will be given for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. This is around 20 percent longer than the time given by Samsung Galaxy Live, its predecessor. This headset will be fitted with an 11mm bass driver and a 6.5mm tweeter driver, and will be equipped with dual coaxial speakers. In addition, this pair of headphones will have ANC, dual link and IPX7 waterproof ratings for 35db noise reduction support.

Furthermore, the whistleblower said a few days ago on Twitter that the “double-click the edge to adjust the volume” feature is missing from Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. He also shared that this headset will support active multi-level noise suppression, voice recognition, smooth connection, and head-tracking 3D spatial audio. The latter will only refer, according to sources, to Samsung phones running OneUI 3.0 based on Android 11 .

Other sources reveal that a special gyroscope sensor, Dolby Atmos, SoundAlive, adjustable ANC, and four volume settings for ambient modes can be fitted with Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro to change the amount of noise required to enter. Every earbud can have a battery of 61 mAh, and the case will carry a battery of 472 mAh. The app attached will also help the “Find My Earbuds” feature. It is rumoured that contact functionality would also be supported by this earplug.