30 million TL fear! The hacker gang was smashed, the money was left behind …

The money confiscated from the Syrian network of hackers shattered by gendarmerie teams in Istanbul stayed in the centre. Fearing that there was suspicion against them, the perpetrators did not accept foreign currency and gold worth 30 million lira, claiming, “We do not know, it is not ours.”
After a long-lasting follow-up last week, a 13-person Syrian hacker detained his network, Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams. The network, which runs globally, has also threatened foreign forex and stock exchange firms.

Hackers who interfered organizedly in the infrastructure locked the operations of the firms they detected security vulnerabilities and made hundreds of thousands of dollars in seconds by making their own acquisitions and sales. Furthermore, through blackmailing businesses from which they locked their devices and confiscated their keys, he obtained cash.

Members of the network will not open accounts on their behalf, using the accounts opened in the name of Syrian refugee status in Turkey’ temporary security.’

JANDARMM should not be stopped.

Finally, they threatened a business headquartered in Jordan that has a stake in the stock exchange in London. This time, however, the Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command was under the monitoring of the KOM Branch teams following the company’s complaint. They bugged the machines. They believed they could not be heard and in Arabic they made all the speeches. They spoke about their violent activities frankly. Nevertheless, all the spoken words were translated by the gendarmerie staff who speak Arabic and operation preparations were made accordingly. The button was pressed when the network links in Bursa, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, in addition to Istanbul, were found. A total of 13 individuals, including the individual believed to be the head of the network, were captured.