“600,000 double envelopes in the hands of Uzi Vogelman? Scary”

Ethereum and the network’s future alerts
Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies that has received a lot of attention in recent months. If Bitcoin is the gold of digital currencies, Ethereum, as the cryptocurrency that drives the blockchain, may be related to electricity.

Because of this, the company’s announcement of a new network upgrade is attracting even more attention to itself. It’s called EIP-1559, and it’ll use the bid cap to get Ethereum closer to Bitcoin.

In turn, this update would significantly reduce the importance of the miners, who were previously the central characters. A commission will be created that agents will pay until it is permanently abolished by simplifying the measurement of the fees payable for decentralized financial services.

All of this will alter the view of Ethereum by investors. This will broaden the types of investments that can be made. It seems that businesses are interested in reserving a spot in this asset. Any people could have already invested by using Ethereum as a piggy bank in case of an emergency.

That is why this cryptocurrency has a forward-thinking mindset. It would no longer be seen as a speculative asset, but rather as a digital product, due to its ability to transform skin and material. It is not ruled out that credit institutions will start to exist in the Ethereum universe in the future.

Meanwhile, several pieces of information are hitting the cryptocurrency’s followers, or rather, buyers. The news that Amazon is now supporting Ethereum in its blockchain network is not recent.

“This campaign has not started now, but recently there has been an escalation in its presence on the networks and in its relevance to the public agenda, with the main thing getting attention being the double envelopes,” the Pike Reporter said in a technology report. Suddenly the story of the double envelopes comes up for discussion. There is preparation of the ground here. “

The trigger for the debate over the double envelopes was a discussion in the Knesset’s Finance Committee, held on March 8, during which the budget of the Central Election Commission was approved. At the center of the discussion was, of course, the committee’s budget proposal, which dealt with, among other things, the special steps that must be taken to allow isolated people, Corona patients, residents of nursing homes and more to vote, and that include the establishment of designated polling stations. “This move to establish thousands of designated ballot boxes of various types leads to a significant increase in the number of double envelopes that will be counted in the Knesset vote counting operation. It is estimated that there are about 550,000 to 600,000 envelopes, compared to about 330,000 envelopes in the 23rd Knesset elections,” it said.

“They plan the theft like in the US”

In the previous election, 600,000 votes were equivalent to about 16 seats – a number that could decide the election and therefore a preferred target for the conspiracy theorists. And really, the entry of the double envelopes into the center of the conspiratorial discourse was almost immediate. “It is reported that there will be 600,000 double envelopes,” user @nategershon tweeted on March 8. “The Election Commission is planning to steal the election again, Solomon you must stop it.” Completion is MK Shlomo Qara. We will return to it later.

User @FakeNitzanShai wrote: “Uzi Vogelman is definitely voting for Meretz. They are now passing. Now with 600,000 double envelopes they can also finish with 8 seats.” @DemocratiaMahui has already upgraded the number of duplicate envelopes. “The election theft begins,” he tweeted: “Suddenly a million double envelopes that for some reason brought more seats to the left bloc in the last election unlike any other election in Israel. Excuse me if I no longer believe in any of our corrupt justice system. I will return with this tweet after counting The double envelopes. “

The motive of blaming the Election Commission and Vogelman is accompanied by a motif of connecting the local conspiracy to the conspiracy of forgeries in the last U.S. election (which was never based on evidence). Bye bye right-wing rule … someone is going to do Biden here, ” he wrote @ nl0905. In another tweet he warned ” keep your eyes open because they are planning the theft like in the US. Suddenly there are 600,000 double envelopes sponsored by the Corona. U.S. polls are attached to the Election Commission. They go for it hard. ” User @Akcholi responded :” We’ve seen the results in the US, and these double envelopes are hugely scary. I’m not calm !!! “

“Vogelman on the mission of the legal junta begins to warm up engines”

The connection to the US election is not accidental. I have already insisted that the propagandists of the election forgery emulate the moves made by Donald Trump last year, especially after it turned out that he lost to Joe Biden by an overwhelming majority. Extensive early voting and remote voting – essential measures in light of the spread of the corona – would lead to forgeries, thus preparing the ground for allegations of forgery and attacking the integrity of the election when the results of the truth were published.

The same thing is being done here, and the fact that there is such a broad engagement with such a focused message does not seem coincidental. All of the above tweets, and many more, were posted on March 8 or the next morning.

Users, in what appears to be top-down targeting rather than direct activation using fictitious accounts, have already begun to focus on the goal and spread the new message. “This conspiracy of envelopes is gaining tremendous popularity almost immediately,” Pike Reporter said. “Then came the Facebook post ‘600 double envelopes in the hands of Uzi Vogelman? Scary’.”

The post was first published by a user named Ronen Mayer on March 9 at 6:24 p.m. The post has apparently been deleted since then, but by his screenshot technology report submitted by Pike Reporter. The caption is identical to the one from Ronen Mayer’s post, “said Pike Reporter.” The page opened about two hours before the poster was published. Among the profiles that share the materials from the page, there are those with ‘pike’ marks. “

Within minutes of the original publication, the poster had already run in groups such as “Likud supporters”, “Yair Netanyahu, the next generation”, “MK Shlomo Qarei, our representative in the Knesset” and “IL Bibists”. “For the first time in the country’s history, the number of double envelopes will be about 600,000.” That means a celebration of forgeries in the central election committee headed by the ultra-left Vogelman. “

Likud MK Shlomo scraps, promised to get back to it, responds with an interesting spin. “The election results after counting double hull are expected on Thursday afternoon, evening chametz,” he wrote in his Facebook account on 9 March . The next day, in a radio interview Voice level , he said “I estimate that the number of double envelopes will be around 450 thousand, the total number of isolates and patients does not exceed 50 thousand”.

Why is this significant? The director general of the Election Commission estimated in a report from that morning in Haaretz that the counting of most votes would end only the next day, until the beginning of Shabbat. The next day, in an interview with Kol Barama radio, she added : The voices, including the double envelopes. And if we did not have enough until the beginning of Shabbat, we will continue only on Sunday evening, after the holiday. “

According to Pike Reporter, this is an attempt to prepare the ground for allegations of forgery. “This is an infrastructure that will allow you to say, ‘What happened? We said that by Thursday the vote count will be over, someone is trying to hurt the election results,'” they said.

The conspiracy is also fueled by right-wing media outlets and right-wing spokesmen in major media outlets, who disseminate information designed to undermine confidence in the election campaign and bolster claims that an attempt will be made to falsify it. For example, an op- site channel 20, aspires to be the Israeli equivalent of Fox News titled “Justices polluting the electoral process” (the title of the article has no proper foundation itself), a widespread group Telegram as “thieves of democracy” where distributed accompaniment The caption: “If Meretz will be missing 1,400 votes to pass the blocking percentage – as happened to the right in the 2019 election – do you think Judge Uzi Vogelman might falsify the election results in such a case?”

Army Radio, Jacob Berdugo factor is the narrative even forgeries. “I wonder if anything you are prepared, the Election Commission is going to give 600 Thousand double envelopes”, he said on March 11 panel on Channel 20, appeal to the Minister of Education Yoav Galant in 200,000 took your seat and maybe even won the election on Sunday. How will you control it? Could it be that they brought to us what happened in the United States to Israel? “

In an interview with Sharon Gal on Gali Israel radio the day before, he was even more determined “Do not believe the election night samples, the big story is the 600,000 double envelopes, by hundreds of envelopes you can move blue and white to Kao and Meretz here … this is the story Bardugo, in these words, almost completely repeats the narrative that ran on social media, legitimizes his very status in the media, and even raises allegations of past forgeries that changed election results, although he does not present any evidence to support these claims.

All this relatively open discourse, on social media and in the media, feeds conspiratorial discussions that take place in telegram groups of Likud and Netanyahu supporters, whose members echo the various claims, develop them and strengthen them. This is a pattern that will look very familiar to anyone who followed the conspiratorial discourse that took place in the United States before and after the presidential election, a discourse that exploded in the form of the January 6 uprising in the Capitol.

“This is very reminiscent of how the stop the steal campaign worked in the United States, which began in 2016 in preparation for a possible loss, but was fully implemented in 2020 following Trump’s loss,” the Pike Reporter said in the first and second rounds of the Likud. Who tried to steal the election and who were fakes, and in round C this intensifies. Now we really see this attack on the front lines, when in the end there is a preparation of the ground for a case where the election results will be to the displeasure of the Likud and they will refuse to accept them. It’s a contempt campaign for Doomsday, it’s scary. “