80% containerized, processing 580,000 cases per second, Alibaba Cloud explains system support for single day

On November 25, 2020, Alibaba Cloud Japan Service conducted a “Single Day” press seminar on November 11, when a large-scale selling will take place in China on the EC (electronic commerce) market. Alibaba Cloud is said to have installed about 80 percent of its key container system and processed a large number of orders produced on Alibaba Group EC pages, such as ‘Tmall.’

16:19 GMT, Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The cumulative delivery of EC pages under the Alibaba Collective on Bachelorette Day in 2020 was 75,725,792,196.00 United States Dollar, and the peak number of orders per second reached 583,000. Both the overall volume of delivery and the number of orders per second are increasing year by year and in anticipation for the Bachelor’s Day, Alibaba Cloud continues to develop the EC infrastructure next year.

The EC system has been fully moved to the cloud for the Bachelor Day of 2019. Next, about 80 per cent of the big EC networks will be designed with containers on a single day in 2020. It is believed that this makes it possible to use and server’s computational performance equally, and at peak hours, it increases the processing performance.

At the same time, Alibaba Cloud provides for each EC store an avatar function. Combined with live streaming of product releases, query-responding chatbots, and speech recognition/voice synthesis features, store operators can now advertise without any hassle in EC stores during the day.

Furthermore, for each EC store that establishes live commerce, an artificial intelligence (AI) automatic translation feature is given.

Promoting sales events by translating, in real time, the Chinese spoken by performers into the language of each country and inserting subtitles, identifying the accents of people from nearby cities in China and showing Chinese Mandarin subtitles. It is said to have been completed.