An attack or technical problem? Google server downtime issue, and all google services such Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs.. down!

The YouTube Android service seems to be down, with a ‘will not connect to server’ message shown when the app is opened. For iOS, the service is also down, but at the moment of publication of the article, YouTube still seems to be running on web browsers.

However on desktop browsers and both iOS and Android smartphone devices, Google Drive is currently not available. As a result it is possible that select Google services may also function intermittently for certain users, but at the moment a server interruption for Google started in India while other servers woking without overloading issues.

At the time of writing, Google’s own workspace status dashboard, which represents any server downtime or interruption of any Google-operated applications and services, has yet to reflect any server downtime status.


The YouTube page itself appeared to load just fine early in the outage, but the loading wheel would constantly display videos themselves. After about a minute, one Verge staffer got a video to load. However, we saw error screens like this from about 8:00PM ET whenever we tried to watch a video.

The problem starts in India since 4 hours, then continue to middle east and other countries, when YouTube and google back alive, they add a captcha to all versions gmail and google applications for indians version, and the desktop versions, while in middle east no captcha so 80% probability: google servers down because of cyber attacks.