A big mistake creating access list with 6-digit phone number, increase accessibility to’digitally vulnerable groups’

Korian Ministry of Science and Technology, a six-digit number to call back chulipja time and recording system supports QR Code crude Digital vulnerable connectivity increase due to the reduction of personal information leakage by a handwritten list planned numbers small number of many vulnerable public and medical institutions and out regularly, where Priority Buyeo numbers.

13:31 GMT, Wednesday, November 25, 2020

By calling the short six-digit 14 representative number (14****) while accessing a multi-use facility, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Communication (Minister Ki-young Choi, hereinafter the Ministry of Science and ICT) promotes the method of documenting a list.

Currently, a list using QR codes and handwriting to stop COVID-19 is being developed in Korea. The digitally insecure class, though, considers the QR code relatively difficult to use and the handwritten list struggles with the leaking of personal knowledge.

image source: KoriaLbs

When a guest calls the phone number assigned to each facility, the latest implementation system tracks the visitor and the date of the visit. Few local councils are now implementing and using control lists using phone numbers, and general local phone numbers (9~11 digits, to be charged by the caller) and 080 numbers (10 digits) are used. In comparison, 14YY (6-digit) numbers are toll-free free), and call costs are free, unlike standard local phone numbers, and the number of digits is shorter relative to 080 numbers, meaning they can be accessed conveniently by the public.

If a 14YY number is included in the Corona 19 entry list, by merely clicking the 6-digit number, people can simply register access without charging the call fee. The number of 14YY numbers that may be included, though is around 9,000 (140000~149999), because it is intended to be used mostly in areas that will be used regularly by the technologically insecure, and municipal bodies would be confined to the applicants.

Second, in relation to the population, the amount of telephone numbers that can be subscribed to each municipal council has been allocated such that 14YY numbers can be distributed equally to each area. Every telecommunications provider may apply for a 14-year number from 26 November to be used by local governments to handle access lists for public offices, medical institutions, social service facilities, and conventional markets often visited by the digitally vulnerable.

In addition, at the completion of Corona 19, city municipalities will be entitled to use the 14YY toll-free number as a representative telephone number to reduce the burden of municipal contact costs, such as civil lawsuit counselling. “We expect that the digitally vulnerable group will be able to use the Corona 19 access list more easily using the free 14YY number.” the Ministry of Science and ICT said.