A big overhaul of Windows 10 is expected by Microsoft, codenamed “Sun Valley”

Thursday, October 29, 2020, 12:52 GMT

This year, Windows 10 celebrated its fifth anniversary, and consumers are now familiar with the bi-annual update period.

A fairly slight upgrade is the recently announced October 2020 upgrade. Just small improvements have been made from the design to the start menu, alerts, and Alt+Tab experience, but the company plans to introduce it in the fall of 2021, according to sources.

The “Cobalt” Windows 10 upgrade brings out a broader interface upgrade.

New look

This big Windows 10 architecture upgrade is codenamed Microsoft’s Sun Valley. “We will ramp up Windows 10 innovation on this holiday and next holiday to ensure that Windows devices are the perfect place to function, learn and play. In any region, we will make major changes,” Panay, Windows Said ‘s chief product officer, said in May. The overview of Windows 10 ‘s future earlier this year by the executive is still very ambiguous, but we should expect the next upgrade to be reasonably significant.

The first is a redesigned start menu and action center, inspired by the development on Windows 10X by Microsoft. The taskbar will be rewritten with modern code, and to strengthen the Windows Shell, Microsoft can expand the use of a new WinUI user interface layer.

In recent years, the standard file explorer has not really advanced, but the next upgrade might get an updated user interface, and Microsoft will also add support for more conventional Windows components in the dark mode.