A bug in Microsoft Teams causes concerns for several users

A increasing number of customers of Microsoft Teams are having concerns with how the all-in-one communication suite of the tech giant shows alerts after the most recent batch of upgrades.

While notification problems tend to vary from device to device, delayed alerts and other similar bugs were identified by most of the affected users. In Microsoft Teams, notification control for all of the teams and platforms can be conveniently handled by going to the Configuration menu of the app and clicking Alerts. These changes in configuration now, however, appear not to fit for certain people.

There are some issues with Microsoft Teams on PCs
The organization has acknowledged in a recent update to the Office 365 interface that it is actively reviewing a problem where some warning settings have no impact and this allows users not to get an alert.

There are two problems now concerning the way Microsoft Teams users accept updates, according to a recent study from Windows Latest. The first is that updates will not be received as planned by users who have enabled the All Activities feature in the app settings.

The second problem relates to the settings for ‘All New Messages’ that can be viewed from the channel update tab ‘Custom’. Additionally, a third bug has been identified by some users where the desktop app of Microsoft Teams totally lacks the Do Not Interrupt settings.

At the moment, since it affects several Team deployments, it is not yet clear what causes the notification issue. When Microsoft completes researching the problem and launches a patch to ensure that team users will access all their updates, we will hopefully find out more.