A large number of users complained about the compatibility of Apple M1 notebook software on the Internet

Few people know that when Apple shows off its first iPhone, according to international media sources, the software of the handset was mainly mixed with smoke and mirrors.

Monday, November 23, 2020, 8:19 GMT

Apple appears to have completed another magical accomplishment with the introduction of the M1 laptop—an ARM-powered laptop that runs standard x86 applications faster than Intel processors.

All this may not be as it looks, though. A huge number of users, including some well-known figures such as the well-known analyst Patrick Moorhead, have appeared on Twitter moaning about the incompatibility of the notebook program.

And it’s not just that Microsoft ‘s software performs poorly on the Big Sur of the new MacBook Pro.

Software related to hardware seems to have special problems.

In addition to Moorhead, some other famous people also met.

In fact, a web service that tracks the compatibility of important Mac software has been opened, and the results show that about 40% of the software has compatibility issues.


What is also interesting is that in real life, the battery life of the Macbook has not reached the official claimed 20 hours.

Of course, Apple will respond to these questions with its “install first , get later” approach. Now, companies are scrambling to adapt their software to Apple’s new Mi chip.