A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Huawei and AOU Lebanon to establish the Huawei ICT Academy

By providing quality courses and support services for university experts and students through the Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy program, the MoU aims to promote joint cooperation and pave the way for knowledge exchange (HAINA)

In the presence of members and instructors from the Faculty of Computer Studies, Mr. Ethan Wang, CEO of Huawei Lebanon and Jordan, and Dr. Yara Abdallah, Rector of AOU, signed the MoU. Huawei will launch its ICT Academy at AOU as part of this partnership, which will provide training and certification programs to instructors and students through the Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy program (HAINA). Huawei will also have the most up-to-date technology equipment for each course, as well as Huawei Certification Academy Instructor (HCAI) training for the teachers.

Huawei and AOU hope to contribute to the development of Lebanon’s ICT talent ecosystem through this partnership, which is in line with Lebanon’s Digital Transformation Strategy.

“We are very happy to collaborate with AOU to create the Huawei ICT Academy in their Lebanon branch, as part of our commitment to further improve ICT skills in Lebanon, among youths and educational experts alike,” said Mr. Ethan Wang, CEO of Huawei Lebanon and Jordan. We are optimistic that through this collaboration, we will be able to help students master the latest ICT technologies needed to develop successful careers in the future, by offering Huawei’s leading developments and courses.” AOU is well-known for always trying to provide quality education, life-long learning, and ongoing support to students with their career planning.

Dr. Yara Abdallah, Rector of the Arab Open University, welcomed Huawei Middle East CEO Mr. Wang to the university and thanked him for taking the initiative. “We are enthusiastic about this partnership and would like to see it materialize on various levels,” she said. This agreement is in line with AOU’s mission to “develop a science and knowledge-based society in the Arab world, as well as to promote access to high-quality international higher education programs.” “One of our strategic priorities is to collaborate with business to bring real-world experience and practice into the classrooms,” she added.

This is something we emphasize in both our formal undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as our continuing education center training programs. As a result of this agreement, AOU Lebanon and Huawei will be able to jointly serve their missions.”

Previous years, AOU students competed in the Huawei competition and came out on top, securing first place. Dr. Abdallah praised the Huawei ICT Academy’s efforts to educate youth about the digital economy and digital solutions. Finally, Dr. Abdallah praised the academics at AOU who work in the FCS program in support of their students.

“The Faculty of Computer Studies (FCS) is keen on building partnerships with Industry and Professional Bodies,” said Dr. Mohammad Malli, program coordinator for the Faculty of Computer Studies. This will allow FCS to keep up with real-world computing implementations, usages, adoptions, inventions, demands, needs, and requirements. This allows the FCS to stay ahead of the competition in the field, which has a positive effect on the course offerings and graduation ventures. Collaboration with leading industrial firms like Huawei will also aid in aligning courses, trainings, and internships with industry needs and trends.”

The Huawei ICT Academy, which was established in 2013, assists universities in cultivating ICT talent that meets industry requirements, resulting in a high-quality workforce for the sector’s growth. Huawei, as a leading global provider of ICT solutions, promotes a transparent, collaborative ICT talent ecosystem that benefits all parties. Huawei creates a talent supply chain that spans the entire learning, certification, and job process by deepening the collaboration system between universities and businesses, with the goal of promoting market growth and developing innovative talent development models based on business needs.