A national e-mail was introduced in Belarus today

Belarus has opened a Belpochta-based national e-mail service. For sending all letters, the consumers would have to pay, and a registered letter costs four times more than a normal one. Notifications of the delivery of such a letter by the addressee are also paid, plus the service imposes a great deal of limitations on the quality of the letters and the files attached to them.

The bill on all outgoing calls is:

As announced by the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the country, a national e-mail service has been introduced in Belarus. The project differs from the vast majority of related programs, both Russian and international, in that virtually any letter would have to be delivered to customers for payment.

But not only by writing letters will you have to fork over. If the sender chooses to request a note of reception of the letter from the addressee, the addressee may have to pay for it, and each notice must be paid individually.

Belpochta is responsible for the new service’s growth and support. The agency’s website reports that it will cost 0.42 Belarusian rubles to send each message.

When you need to send a registered email, you will have to pay even more – it will cost 1.5 Belarusian rubles.

Mail authorization is carried out by means of a digital electronic signature (EDS) or a smartphone ID. For payment, the authors of the service offer to use a variety of ways, including Webpay, MasterCard and Visa payment schemes.

Why is it that you need a national email?
“will allow sending registered and simple letters in electronic form, ensuring the security and confidentiality of correspondence.”enables registered and simple letters to be sent in electronic form, ensuring the security and confidentiality of correspondence.”you can send and receive letters at any time of the day from a mobile phone or computer.”you can send and receive letters from a mobile phone or computer at any time of the day.

The Belpochta website, meanwhile, says: “E-mail is a convenient and fast way of exchanging information.” As the legal meaning of delivering the package persists, an internet message is equivalent to a physical letter.

The new Belarusian service helps you to send e-mails and to those who are not registered with it. Belpochta will print it out in this situation and send the paper edition to the receiver.

Maximum Constraints

The new service offers the people of Belarus not only to pay for each letter sent out of their own pockets, but also to deal with the limitations associated with the impossibility of sending those files with the letter. For eg, an email should only be added to documents in word, docx, xls, xlsx and pdf formats, i.e. if, for example, children wish to send images to their parents, they will not be able to do so, or they will have to resolve this restriction by attaching snapshots to a Word document or PDF file.

Yet there’s no stop to the drawbacks. Each letter may have a maximum of three files attached, the size of which cannot exceed 10 MB. That is, you will have to “buy” two e-mails from Belpochta if you need to submit four papers.

And there are certain limitations to even the text message of a letter. It is not intended to reach 30 pages.