A new cellular process never seen before discovered

Scientists have actually discovered a new cellular mechanism that has never been known to date, a significant new finding in the field of biology. This new method causes the genetic material to be copied, specifically the transcription step of the genetic expression that enables the cells to be born and execute the activities for which they are responsible.

08:16 GMT, Wednesday, December 2, 2020

As cell transcription starts, the RNA polymerase enzyme wraps itself around the DNA; the genetic material is copied by this process. This RNA facilitates the development of life-essential proteins that function predominantly within cells. A finding that might bring significant news to science on genetics and the workings of the genetic code more broadly.

The study published in Science, determines how RHO, a bacterial protein known for more than 50 years, works; the function of this protein is to disrupt genetic material transcription. Before before the analysis, it was believed that the enzyme binds itself to a very particular part of the RNA and mutates it to expand out from the DNA; now this recent finding reveals that RHO is taken away during the transcription process and that it moves to a state of inactivity that enables the release of RNA by certain cellular changes.

The researchers were able to observe the behavior of RHO, thanks to the assistance of special microscopes. ” This is the first structure of a termination complex in any system and it had to be impossible to obtain because it falls apart too quickly “This is the first structure in any system of a termination complex and it had to be impossible to acquire because it fell apart too quickly.