A new cyberattack on the USA took place

A big blow to national security has been inflicted by a recent cyber threat on the USA. The US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) has stated that cyberattacks pose a significant challenge to public and private networks. A new danger is facing US agencies and organisations that have been the victim of multiple cyber attacks in recent years.

In the announcement made by the US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) after the cyber attack on Sunday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a recent cyber attack targeting several state agencies such as the U.S. Department of National Security were revealed in the statement. The US Department of Homeland Security, threatening US government institutions and private businesses, said Russia It was said that a major cyber-based offensive was orchestrated and several tactics were involved in the attack that could not be determined.

The US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency reported that the cyber attack first began in March by infiltrating SolarWinds’ upgrade data from the Orion program and that the attack took place last week by taking advantage of the program’s vulnerability.

CISA claimed, however, that many people who do not use the service are still victims of cyberattacks. While there are growing questions about the size and nature of data breaches, the CISA statement said that this danger, which is very complicated and difficult to avoid, presents a great risk to national, local and regional governments, as well as vital infrastructure organizations and other private sector organizations. CISA announced that an investigation would be carried out into whether other previous infiltration methods were involved in the cyber attack, noting that the tactics and processes used by virtual hackers have not been identified yet.

US Ministry of Energy Speaker Shaylyn Hynes said there are reports that hackers have breached some of the US Department of Energy’s computer networks using the same malware, regarding cyber hackers targeting nearly half a dozen federal agencies and the current data breach. Hynes said isolated business networks were affected by the ministry, but main ministries that would have an impact on the national security mechanism, such as the National Nuclear Security Administration, which is responsible for the inventory of US nuclear weapons, were not.

President of the USA Joe bidenStating that he will give high priority to cyber security during its administration, he said in a statement about cyber-attack, “We must prevent and deter our enemies from carrying out significant cyberattacks in the first place. “We will do it by loading the costs.” Russia, accused of organizing the cyber attack, denied all allegations.

White HouseIn a statement released Sunday, the US Treasury and Commerce Department had stated that a “foreign government” had committed a cyber attack on the systems of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration under the Treasury Department and the Department of Commerce, allegedly leaking documents. After the White House’s announcement, it was alleged that hackers working under the Russian government were behind the cyber attack and Russia’sWashington Embassy however, he denied these allegations.