A new generation of high-precision Beidou home-made positioning chip unveiled for high-precision positioning

CCTV News: The Beidou high-precision positioning chip of the current generation made in China has recently been unveiled in Beijing.
This 22-nanometer chip is scheduled to be published officially by the end of this year, and will be mass produced in Halfway to 2021. It will be included in specifications for high precision positioning, such as autonomous driving, Robots, and drones.

The navigation device’s positioning chip is equal to the “head.” Any device which wants to navigate this “head” must be used for the measurement and processing to achieve positioning. Hence the positioning chip
The key component of the satellite navigation items is also.

This chip can also support multi-system navigation reception, in addition to supporting Beidou navigation Signals like GPS in the United States, GLONASS in Russia and Galileo in the EU.

By being compliant with various circumstances The new generation of signaling systems, the Beidou positioning chip, will gain more information and provide more precise navigation and positioning systems.
Not only is this 22-nanometer chip smaller in size and lower energy consumption, it also has more power Speed collection.

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This chip can be used extensively in high-precision navigation and positioning fields, such as Surveys and tracking, drones, autonomous driving and deformation control, speeding up time and the Beidou space information infrastructure and 5 G connectivity, artificial intelligence,
And physical The introduction of emerging technology such as networking has provided Beidou with the technological foundations heavy-duty systems.