A new issue due to a malfunction of the mechanism at Shizuoka Branch, unable to earn money at Seven Bank ATMs

The influence of the device breakdown that took place at Shizuoka Bank on January 4, 2021 is expanding.

It announced that there were issues such as being unable to deposit and withdraw from the Shizuoka Bank’s ATM at Seven Bank ATMs following the announcement that the move to the bank was partly postponed. It is said that it has been verified that the remittance charge is deducted from the transfer sum even though the payroll is transferred using a transfer facility such as internet transfers for companies (when the payee number is specified).

On the morning of the 4th, the bank put a new core banking structure into action. “We are working on identifying the cause and recovering from it” (Shizuoka Bank public relations in Koria). The capacity for regeneration was not revealed.

The new framework is an open system that runs on Linux and, in partnership with Hitachi, was developed. Online utilities such as ATMs were temporarily suspended four times after transitioning into the new system.