A new route is opened by Iliad: optical fiber arrives, the information here are

The universe of the Iliad begins to drag rabbits out of the cylinder: now is the time for the optical fiber to see the sun beginning in 2021.

If it was always the same firms that ruled the telephony world until a few years ago, now there is someone who tries to place a spoken word on the wheel. You may have already known that the speech specifically deals with Iliad’s skills, a supplier who came from France and is one of the most demanded of all today. The inspiration lies in the great convenience of every single deal that the organization proposes, which each time continues to amaze more and more.

And if the deals have not changed for several months, users come every month in abundance. The merit is that the Giga 50, a promotion that allows you to get anything for just € 7.99 per month, is a perfect alternative. In reality, with 50 gigabytes in 4G, there are unlimited minutes and SMS. But now the talk turns to another subject: the home network. In reality, by the summer of 2021, Iliad will launch an update to the fiber optic network for the home.

Iliad: Eventually, optical fibre arrives, just beginning next summer 2021
“The collaboration with iliad, which selected Open Fiber to enter the fixed market, further confirms the validity of the neutral model of Open Fiber,” said Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Open Fiber.

In less than three years, Open Fiber has become a pioneer in next generation fiber networks and comparison infrastructure in Italy and Europe for all the key players in digitalization in our region. Our entire optical fiber network is the only one capable of facilitating the creation of technologies that support people and companies using the latest infrastructure available, helping to bridge the digital divide that Italy still suffers from on the European average due to decades of lack of fixed network investment.