A new spy satellite was successfully launched by SpaceX for the National Reconnaissance Agency

SpaceX successfully deployed a new surveillance satellite for the National Reconnaissance Agency early this morning. Within the Ministry of Defense, the National Reconnaissance Office is an incredibly mysterious organization. The mysterious payload, known as the “gorilla”, lifted off from launch pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center at 9 am on Saturday.

The launch was carried out after a two-day delay due to technical problems. SpaceX also successfully recovered the first stage of its Falcon 9 and successfully landed on a platform on the Cape Canaveral space station. It is rare for the Falcon 9 first-stage rocket to touch the ground. Normally, the agency uses unmanned ships to recover rockets at sea. With less than two weeks left in 2020, this successful launch is SpaceX’s 26th launch in a challenging year.

Today’s successful launch is also the last launch of SpaceX in 2020. The first attempt by SpaceX to launch a satellite happened on Thursday. The launch plan was abandoned 30 seconds before the rocket was off the ground when the sensors sensed pressure build-up in the liquid oxygen tank at the rocket’s upper stage. The subsequent plan was to attempt on Friday to launch the rocket, but it was postponed again.

It is a mystery what exactly the satellites on the rocket do. There was no justification provided by the U.S. government for using the satellite. “Use po wer to achieve peace”Use po was to attain peace. On Twitter, NRO reported that the NROL-108 mission will always be alert and prepared to defend ourselves” The launch displayed its devotion to defending American combatants, rights, and alliances, it said. Analysis assumes that this satellite is some form of spy satellite that when appropriate, is used for surveillance.