A new smart hardware operation lamp has been launched

Thursday, October 29, 2020, 14:48 GMT

On October 29, ByteDance the chinese company announced the launch of the latest Vigorous Education brand for education. Vigorous Education undertakes all education products and companies of Bytedance as the first commercially released company independent brand of Bytedance. Chen Lin is the CEO of Robust Education, the previous head of education company.

Chen Lin said that “Good Education” with an independent brand would concentrate on the field of “large education” in the future, nurturing all educational services scenarios, encouraging all stakeholders in the world of education, and always paying attention to human development.

Public data reveals that Bytedance is giving education corporation its most recent strategic priority. Bytedance continued paying attention to education as early as 2016. We have successively invested in several education businesses in 2018. In March 2020, Zhang Yiming explicitly suggested in his eighth anniversary letter that his new business direction will be schooling. At present, Pre-k, K12, adult education for various age ranges, spanning multiple disciplines, multiple classes, and exploring both software and hardware are the education company layout of ByteDance. Qingbei Online School, GOGOKID, Guagualong Enlightenment, Kaiyan English, Big Data, Ai Learning, Educational Hardware, etc. are among its goods. After the launching of the new Vigorous Education, the new will take over all educational goods under Bytedance. More than 10,000 workers are estimated to have been vigorously trained.

“Chen Lin said of the reasons for setting up an independent brand:” The education market is radically different from the previous Bytedance product area, but it still has great importance. In the long term, the education company at Bytedance wants its own name.

Chen Lin also spoke of efforts to educate the future energetically. He said that education is a full system endeavor, so Vigorous Education hopes to pay attention to and thoroughly cultivate all educational scenarios and provide a full learning framework for children; improving the level of education involves maximizing the whole ecosystem of education, and Vigorous Education will commit itself to improving the level of education.

Secondly, the lamp is another highlight of intelligent coaching. The Dali Smart Homework Light has an AI camera. It has introduced several features, such as intelligent fingertip search for words, intelligent English follow-up reading, and intelligent calculation dilemma clarity, with the aid of artificial intelligence and related technology, to help children solve their homework problems. Parents can use the Dali Ai Tutoring Software, on the one hand, and the homework plans and completion progress of their children can be synchronized in real time, and parents can remotely master homework as well. Dali ‘s smart homework lamp, on the other side, is also fitted with smart dual cameras. Parents can not only remotely see the desk of their children, but also use the real-time contact feature to engage with their children through video links to understand the learning status of their children.

Yang Luyu said that through technological innovation, Dali Smart Homework Light hopes to open up a new way of smart tutoring and bring homework tutoring into the smart era. At present, on major e-commerce sites, Dali ‘s intelligent work lights have been placed on sale, with a simple retail price of 119.06 United States Dollar