A Super SIM card will be launched by China Mobile: it can be used as a meal card, door card and large transfers

In the 5G age, what are the killer applications? Cell phone SIM cards also do a fine job in addition to replacing text messages and benchmarking .

Saturday, November 21, 2020, 09:54 GMT

WeChat’s 5G messages, and China Mobile will soon launch super SIM cards. According to sources, at the China Mobile Global Partner Conference media contact meeting, the related person in charge of China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd. claimed that in the 5G period, China Mobile will concentrate on developing three simple portals for numbers, cards and news.

The card referred to by Mobile is a mega SIM card that can be used as a meal card, entry card, travel card, car key or 5G electronic signature, broad transactions, etc.

In June of this year, China Mobile published the ‘China Mobile Super SIM Card Technology White Paper’ which explained the direction of development, architecture design, and capability requirements of China Mobile for the personal field of SIM cards, aimed at developing SIM card-related technologies and products for industry planning.

China Mobile’s super SIM card has been reported to have enhanced security features, accomplished machine-card interface improvements, and provided multi-service transporting, large-capacity high-quality containers with high security levels by open space and multi-device security separation, 5G user network identity authentication and confidential data application to provide safe storage.