A telework system for LGWAN made by a genius programmer, behind the scenes that 460 local governments started using

Telework using LGWAN (Comprehensive Administrative Network) began in 460 local governments nationally on November 27, 2020. Although it was late, on the basis of the LGWAN connection, local government officials were able to execute numerous tasks from home. The project is positioned by the Japan Department for Local Authority Information Systems (J-LIS) as a demonstration trial, but it can be said that telecommuting has already started. Up until the end of March 2022, the service fee is said to be free.

460 The “local government telework system for LGWAN” is the telecommuting system used for local governments. “This is an upgraded version of the “Shin Telework System” thin client VPN (virtual private network) program for telework, jointly produced by the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) and NTT East.

The Shin Telework Device was developed by Daiyu Nobori Sangyo Cyber Security Centre, IPA’s Cyber Technology Laboratory Chief, which was once accredited as a “super creator / genius programmer” by IPA and has been a special bureau member of NTT East since April 2020. So it’s understood too.
A surge of apps that are 1.4 times more than expected
If you install LGWAN Local Government Telework Device program on the company PC in the LGWAN-connected government office, you can use the Internet to operate the PC screen from your home PC. There is no need to set up a rental line at home or alter the municipality’s firewall settings.

TypeNumber of groups
Ordinance-designated city7
Special ward (23 wards)12
Towns and villages110
Partial-affairs union / wide-area unionFive

Security is given adequate thought. For example, it automatically tests whether anti-virus program is running on a local government employee’s home machine, or while linking, multi-factor authentication is done with a one-time password. It also stops the monitor screen from being filmed by you.

In October 2020, as the LGWAN Local Government Telework Programme began running, the Japan Local Authority Information Systems Agency (J-LIS), which operates LGWAN, began employing participating local governments, and it was said that there was an influx of applications. The 460 groups received a total of 43,000 submissions, which surpassed estimates.

J-LIS was initially scheduled to use 30,000 units, but it was hurriedly made available for 34,000 units by 460 organisations. The allocation was changed to roughly 1 to 2000 units per local authority, based on the total number of applications and the local government’s size.

The problem is IT literacy for workers

Depending on the municipal authority, the actual use and purpose differ. In the general affairs department and IT department, however, there were several applications for teleworking. “First of all, I think we will introduce it by”testing”and explore the usage while checking the usability” (J-LIS Shinobu Umehara, General Manager, National Center System Department, Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems).

The local government’s reputation is outstanding. 80 cars were requested by Iga Region, Mie Prefecture, and 75 cars were allocated. Daiki Mori, head of the Communication Policy Branch of the Department of Preparation and Promotion, Public Hearing Information Division, has been considering several telework systems to deter new corona contamination. “It was very easy to use. It’s almost the same as the one used inside the government building, and there is no sense of discomfort,” Mori said.