Accelerating the growth of the modern automotive energy market

Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Gong Zheng today presided over an executive meeting of the municipal government, Finance Association News, December 14 (14th).

The meeting decided in principle on the “Shanghai Municipality’s Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Development of the New Energy Vehicle Industry (2021-2025)” and Several Policies on Supporting the Development of the City’s Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry” and emphasized that new energy vehicles are in a time of great development, and Shanghai must not wait for a sense of urgency, a sense of urgency, a moment of urgency.

The competitive growth of numerous technical paths, the acceleration of the use of new energy vehicles in the public domain and the introduction of charging pile facilities should be promoted, and every attempt should be made to support the Shanghai brand of new energy vehicles. In pattern analysis and judgement, we have to do a decent job and change policy guidelines and associated criteria in a timely manner.