After a long quarantine Kazan will host the first information security conference

9.29.2020- 11:14 ksa

The long-awaited ‘IS Coding’ conference will take place at the Korston Hotel on 1 October 2020 (Kazan, N. Ershova St., 1a) and the main focus will be cybercrime investigation. Experts and respondents will find out how to handle accidents, obtain information that matches law enforcement officers and NCCCI authorities, which devices are most successful in obtaining and storing data, and more.

The knowledge block comprises speeches by well-known professionals who are willing to express their own experience and IT businesses who will explore established strategies in the investigation of cybercrime.

Pavel Lutsik from ‘CryptoPro’ will share realistic scenarios for maintaining cryptographic information security during remote work with the participants, and Evgeny Osetrin from ‘Innopolis’ University will speak about cloud computing cryptographic protection. ICL ‘s Robert Nizameev will offer a free electronic forensic toolkit to the participants, and firms such as Doctor Web and Ideco will also deliver their reports.

Also, Cisco system engineer Bulat Shamsutdinov will share his technical expertise within the context of the practical session.

The final chord will be the “Riddles of the Code” imaginative game, which will make it possible to spend an evening in the company of “market friends” in an casual setting: to widen the network of associates and the breadth of expertise dependent on practical experience.

The number of locations is narrowly reduced considering the epidemiological condition. The organizers suggest registration in advance for someone who misses live events and is interested in the new developments in information technology.