After causing an 18-year-old Russian man to freeze to death, Google Maps announces improvements to navigation routes

I assume you can obey the navigation directions if you want to go to a strange location. Although navigation will direct you accurately much of the time to your destination, occasionally it can not be reliable or even confuse you. Google Maps recently updated a path in the Russian Far East following the tragic deaths of two 18-year-old Russian citizens.

Sergey Ustinov and his friend Vladislav Istomin were driving from Yakutsk to the port city of Magadan a few days ago. The standard route is 1,900 kilometers, but another 1,733-kilometer “shortcut” is offered by Google Maps, but it’s abandoned. For nearly 50 years. They were the only two stuck.

With a minimum temperature of minus 71.2 °C, this road is situated in the coldest location in the world. The two of them, while walking, were struck by a tree branch on a car radiator, and their car was parked in a place no one recognized. To stay warm, they attempted to burn the tyres, but it was too cold and the fire was too weak. Ustinov was dead and Istomin sustained serious frostbite when rescuers spotted them.