After October 1, the default branch of your newly created GitHub repository will not be called “master”

Starting from October 1, 2020, all new libraries on GitHub will be named with the neutral word “main” instead of the original “master” because the latter is a term that is easily reminiscent of slavery.

This decision was not taken recently. In June of this year, when the “Black Lives Matter” movement began to ferment, several open source initiatives took steps to replace derogatory words, including PHPUnit, Curl, and OpenZFS.

As the world’s largest code hosting community, GitHub has also received similar initiatives. On June 12, a netizen on Twitter said, “I am very happy to change the default branch structure of GitHub from “master” to “main”. I hope we can work with @GitHub to do this as a community unit. …”

This proposal was supported by GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, who replied at the bottom of the post, “We are already improving in this direction!”

This proposal was supported by GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, who replied at the bottom of the post, “We are already improving in this direction!”

Today, this vow is about to be fulfilled.

As mentioned in the proposal, all newly developed source code repositories on GitHub will be called ‘primary’ beginning October 1st. Before that, by default, GitHub used ‘master’ to name the big version of the repository for the source code. Developers copy “master” to their computer, apply their own code, and then integrate the modifications back into the library of “master”.

Why pick “primary” as an alternative? GitHub explained,” “primary “is the most common alternate term we find on GitHub. We prefer this term since it is simple, it preserves the muscle memory entirely, and it can be converted into multiple standard languages. Quite accessible.” As an example, we see that GitHub’s repository has long been named with a different name.

However, GitHub added, “This change will not affect your existing libraries, which means that the default branch names of existing libraries remain as they are.”

In this regard, GitHub explained, “The renaming of existing libraries will cause many problems,” such as having to edit the settings of the pull request and modify the security policy.

In addition to GitHub, Git also announced a similar plan to allow users to customize the name of the repository branch.

Netizen: Change it, it’s just a name anyway

Netizens have different opinions on GitHub replacing “master” with “main”. There are many supporters. Neutral netizens say it doesn’t matter, but some people say they don’t understand.

The following netizen said that from his point of view, the name “main” is much better and more reasonable than “master”.

Some neutral netizens said that he doesn’t care how to name it, whether master or main, or other names like trunk or trump. This is just a concept. If changing “master” to “main” can make more people feel comfortable, then change it.

However, there are also those who hold different opinions who think it is really unnecessary.

I also know that netizens joked that even the name of the Master is going to be changed.

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