AhnLab was selected by Frost & Sullivan as the Korean Endpoint Security Business of the Year

At the Asia Pacific Best Practice Awards, AhnLab was selected for the second straight year as the security company of the year.

For the second consecutive year, AhnLab (CEO) hosted the’Asia-Pacific Best ‘hosted by the global market research institute’ Frost & Sullivan ‘It was chosen as’ Korean Endpoint Security Company of the Year in’ Practice Awards’ Each year, Frost & Sullivan selects outstanding companies based on performance metrics such as revenue growth, market share, product innovation leadership, and business development

AhnLab has been widely lauded for supplying consumers with powerful endpoint security capabilities by organically connecting different endpoint security technologies from vaccinations to EDRs, based on the ‘AhnLab EPP’ next-generation endpoint security framework.

AhnLab is a pioneer in Korean endpoint protection, and is preferred by many companies, including major businesses and public institutions,” said Frost & Sullivan analyst Vivien Pua. “Antivirus solution V3, privacy management, patch management, security vulnerability We have effectively connected a range of endpoint security solutions from inspection and action to EDR to enable possible identification.

The award for the second consecutive year for AhnLab is that it has been recognised for its efforts to have the best defense in an advanced cyber threat environment,” said Sang-Kook Lee, Managing Director of AhnLab’s EP Business Planning Department.” I will improve it in a way.