AirPods are here. Will they be immediately accessible next Tuesday on the official website?

More than a year has passed since AirPods Pro was launched, and a year and a half since AirPods 2. The new AirPods should also arrive, according to Apple’s tradition of adjusting each year!

13:22 GMT, Friday, December 4, 2020

Apple held four online conferences this year including the WWDC conference in June and the three new autumn product conferences in September, October and November, respectively. Cook has already hinted at the Mac conference that this will be the last online conference this year, meaning that this year there will be no more Apple conferences.

Although no more Apple online press conferences are planned this year, new products are still likely! Apple will most likely announce two new hardware next week, according to the latest news: AirPods Studio (or AirPods Max) headphones and AirTag Bluetooth trackers.

In an internal memo this week, Global Media MacRumors announced that Apple told service providers that it expects to make some changes to Apple Care management facilities on December 8 at 5:30 am Pacific time. Apple advises that engineers schedule new products, new/updated product specifications, and new/updated product prices for the SKU.

At present, it is not clear what the updates are but based on prior knowledge, this typically means that new launches of hardware devices will arise. Apple will remind the service provider of the same memo at the time the previous new software is going to be released. Therefore the probability of Apple releasing new products next Tuesday is still very high.

We also listed them in the previous news about these two new items.

AirPods Studio will be fitted with a new H1X chip (temporary name), available in white and space gray, improved performance sound quality and active noise reduction, with its own equalizer and in-ear tracking, consumers simply need to wear headphones directly The left and right ears of the headset no longer need to be actively distinguished and no longer need to think about the reverse. The price is $349.
Furthermore a magnetic earmuff version was also added by Apple AirPods Studio. At any time users will change the earmuffs and pick the edition of the material they want. For example, you can use leather earmuffs in winter, which not only retain warm and sound insulation, but can also be replaced with a light sponge. The material is breathable and soothing.

The AirPods Studio headset will be released at the November conference as soon as possible, according to Twitter news @Jon Prosser, but we did not see the unveiling of this headset at the November conference.

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We have seen the icon of the alleged AirPods Studio again in the new iOS 14.3 update, indicating that this product seems not far away from us.

@Jon Prosser said that this Bluetooth tracker is code-named B389, for the Bluetooth tracker AirTags, and the final accuracy test will be completed on November 6. It is expected to be released shortly after the test is done.

AirTags are recorded to use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which can provide precise indoor positioning. It will obtain more detailed results with an iPhone with a built-in ultra-wideband chip than mainstream Bluetooth trackers such as Tile.

I figured it was not until next year that these two new goods will be released, but now it seems that we will be able to see them soon. Apple does not hold a press conference this year of course, and new items are supposed to be released directly on the official website.