Alibaba Cloud internal test experience! Baidu should be “panic”

Hi, and welcome to the Commune of Dark Horse.

The first year with 5G was reported to have taken place last year and the year that 5G broke out. The network speed in modern implementations is thousands of times the speed of 4G, according to current calculation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020,08:57 GMT

However, be it 4G or 5G, until a special download, both of you will become 3G.

Yeah, ‘everybody’s the same disk’ – the Network disk Baidu. Since, whether you’re 5G or 4G, your Download Speed is around 20kb until Baidu Netdisk, unless you open Super VIP.

Oh, some of the “razcals” actually exist!

Many people are aware that the business continues “harvesting” users as an industry is “monopolized” by a company. The consumers of this business currently need new competitor to bother the industry, since the growth of the sector can only be assisted by fair competition.

No, Alibaba published Alibaba Cloud Web Disk in September this year.

The dark horse has indeed been the first time before. Tap here to screen those who don’t read. (Network disk of Alibaba Cloud online, 10M/s!)

This article says the dark horse has more space, unrestricted downloade speeds and more mature payment systems compared to Baidu SkyDrive so Baidu could be in a state of trouble in the future.

Recently, the internal research has begun again on Alibaba Cloud network drive. It looks like this Ali surge is almost over the first time a black horse has been turned over

The new Alibaba Cloud Disk feature is very basic for the dark horse. You cannot for example change the online video playback speed, edit online documents, previsualize compressed files etc.

In short, Alibaba Cloud Disk is not as user-friendly as Baidu Cloud Disk, which is better in reality.

The Dark Horse vulnerabilities listed above, however are not known to be deficiencies in Dark Horse’s actual use.

Next the compressed files of Dark Horse are well labeled and you don’t have to preview them in order to recognize the files inside of them. Secondly, Dark Horse needs videos to be downloaded to local views rather than to play videos online.

Is it like a feeling: Alibaba Cloud disks’ dark horse is forcibly “whitewashing.” That’s right, Alibaba Cloud’s dark horse “whitewashing.”

Since Alibaba Cloud Disk does not take time to load another disk online to access videos and documents online, in contrast to another oligarch on the sector. Alibaba Cloud Disk is easier, to bring it right away.

As for Alibaba Cloud Disk’s data capacity, regular users have just 1TB of space – half that of the Baidu Cloud Disk. Alibaba Cloud Disk’s super member has therefore 6TB of bandwidth, higher than Baidu Cloud Disk’s 5TB. Of course, you’ll get 6 TB of free prostitution if you’ve been the first group of in-house beta users. However, provided that ordinary users have a 1TB of space and that the running expenses are smaller than that of Baidu Netdisk, in the next time the download speed of users is certainly greater than that of Baidu Netdisk.

To date, Alibaba Cloud Disk’s latest edition has not yet begun its affiliation process so the associate price has remained a secret. So far if the ultimate Alibaba Cloud Disk Membership price does not vary much from that of Baidu Cloud Disk, the experience of using the dark horse as an example does not contribute to so many people switching to Alibaba Cloud Disk Camp, since it is troubled. The network disk life resides mostly in the backup feature and the move requires that the user copies all files to the local and then uploads them again. Among others is that the customer feels retracted by both the download costs and the storage costs.

The Dark Horse has also checked once again with respect to the download speed which everyone is most worried about. Downloading a video of about 200M will reach 20M/s and the download speed is stress free for more than 4000 files. The one-sentence summary is that Baidu network disk has been exploded.

Alibaba Cloud Disk can be seen only on iOS and Android so far while Windows and Mac are not usable temporarily. Users who want Alibaba Cloud Disc to access the recording connection for the personal cloud seed users, should respond to [Alibaba Cloud Disk] on the backstage of Dark Horse Commune.