Alibaba online Store disclosed for the first time the investment in technology

Posted: September 30, 2020-7:30P.m.

research and development: more than 90 billion dollars per year

On September 30, Alibaba Group Chief Financial Officer Wu Wei announced for the first time at the 2020 Alibaba Global Investor Conference that Alibaba ‘s spending in technology and R&D has surpassed RMB 100 billion dollars per year in recent years.

Alibaba first invested in the research and development of cloud computing 11 years ago. The main services of Alibaba have all been run on the public cloud of Alibaba Cloud and the cloud has become the technological basis of the commercial operating system of Alibaba.

Seven years ago, Cainiao was set up by Alibaba and its associates. Cainiao has created an intelligent logistics backbone network by continuous investment in IoT, artificial intelligence , big data and other technology fields that can digitally cover more than 40 billion parcels a year.

The dividends of technology are now infiltrating the different market situations of Alibaba, such as water. Small businesses on Alibaba ‘s international station, for example, speak to global consumers using real-time translation of artificial intelligence; original dealers and new products on Taobao and Tmall The company’s development is driven by intelligent recommendation algorithms; a handful of fresh vegetables in Hema ‘s store are the product of the collection of big data technology.

Zhang Yong, Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO, once said that Alibaba is an organization that blends technology and industry well. Incubating new companies, enabling technology to be checked on the market, and encouraging new company “self-blood creation” by continual investment in technological research and growth, and then feeding back technological and discovering creative “crawler creation”

Officials have announced that hundreds of cloud data centers have been installed worldwide by Alibaba Cloud and its self-developed Feitian operating system operates millions of servers, making it Asia Pacific ‘s number one cloud service provider and the world’s top three. Alibaba Cloud announced in April this year that it would invest 200 billion yuan over the next three years to sprint to the world’s largest cloud infrastructure.

Ali ‘s investment in cutting-edge technologies and fundamental science research is also growing. More than 10 IEEE Fellows and more than 20 well-known university professors now belong to the Dharma Academy. Research encompasses artificial intelligence, quantum computation, chip manufacturing, autonomous vehicles and other areas, and is in the world’s leading technology sector. The competition has won more than 60 first prizes and presented more than 500 articles at major international conferences.

The top domestic semiconductor firm Pingtou has also been successfully incubated by Dharma Academy and has launched a range of products such as the AI inference output chip Hanguang 800.