Amazon apologizes for recent PlayStation 5 shipping issues

Recently, the UK division of Amazon apologised for the recent issue that many consumers in the area have purchased PS5 consoles from vendors, but have not usually received the devices.

Sunday, November 22, 2020 , 09:37 GMT

Many users purchased PS5 on Amazon, but many people discovered with the advent of yesterday’s release day that the items they got were not PS5s, but air fryers, coffee makers, foot massagers, and even Gouliang, some users posted this material on Twitter. Moreover, there are rumors that the game console was specifically robbed by the courier carrier.

In a statement to Eurogamer, an Amazon spokesperson responded: “We have always been committed to making customers happy, but in these orders, a small percentage of them failed to do so We’re very sad about this and are reviewing what happened in the end. We are in touch with any client that has a problem and let them know that the problem can be solved. Anyone who has concerns about the order should contact our customer service team for assistance. “