Amazon is transferring $ 30 million to AllCloud to transfer Israeli companies to its cloud

The Israeli cloud company reported that it is extending its partnership with the cloud services of AWS. Following the deal, the company announced it would dramatically increase its staff and hire 300 workers in addition to the 250 staff it currently has .

Today (Monday), the Israeli cloud company AllCloud announced the extension of its partnership with Amazon cloud services (AWS).

A recent multi-year company deal, amounting to at least $30 million, is planned to help local consumers migrate to the cloud with the full budget of the move. The organization has said that after the deal, it is more than doubling its staff and is planning to hire 300 workers in addition to the 250 employees it currently has.

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“This cooperation agreement is unique in the Israeli market and rare in the global market,” Calcalist said to Ronit Rubin, president of the group. “We are one of four businesses in the world that have signed such an agreement. The deal is for four years and the company’s contribution is not in shares, but in assets. “

AWS staff will work with AllCloud to speed up the transition of hundreds of potential clients from a range of businesses to the cloud. Part of the sum will be aimed at the company’s budgeting and the funding of training services, while the expectation for AllCloud is to acquire new clients in this manner.

Created by Yossi Frenkel and Lahav Savir in 2014, after the merger of Blat-Lapidot and Emind, Ulcloud specializes in cloud solutions and services. In two rounds to date, the firm has raised less than $ 30 million, the last of which was a year ago.

“The company’s day-to-day operations are funded from our revenues and the fundraising is intended solely for the purchases we make,” explained Robin. “The current agreement is intended to help us expand in the places where we operate: in Israel, in German-speaking countries and later in North America.”

After the deal, AllCloud will develop dedicated technologies to drive sector-by-sector digital transformation. “Reasonable Blade, the company’s co-founder and CTO, explained: “Amazon provides a wide range of models to its cloud customers that can be put together to create a solution that fits each company. In order to facilitate potential clients, what we will do is manufacture ready-made bundles of solutions sector by sector. “