Amazon launches India’s “Future Engineer” initiative for computer science education

Amazon aims to expand its “Future Engineer” (Future Engineer) computer science initiative to India, which reflects its increasing investment in education in the second largest Internet market in the world. The corporation claimed in a recruiting copy that “currently underway.” is the early analysis of Amazon’s potential developers. Through the strategy, the objective is to provide local children and young people with computer science education, and the chosen applicants will be responsible. Cooperate with elected agencies and local non-profit organisations.

In an article, the company said it expects to begin the project in India in 2021. The organization reported in a press release earlier this week that the childhood to career initiative is now running in the United States, supplying more than 5,000 schools and 550,000 students with computer science coursework.

The company said in its summary, “Amazon India pays special attention to providing equipment for children and young people from underserved and impoverished communities to build a better future for themselves,” So far, the US e-commerce giant has spent more than US$6.5 billion in India and for many years has been exploring India’s education sector. It released JEE Ready last year, an app designed to help students train to join the renowned technical college of India. Amazon Academy was later renamed JEE Ready, providing free online classes and evaluating the success of students in simulation studies.

Amazon is not the only American business that relies on India’s rising demand for education. India has more than 260 million school girls, and schooling is seen by most people as the path to economic growth and changing lives.

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced qualification courses on digital security and cyber health and augmented reality for students and educators in partnership with the Central Council of Secondary Education (CBSE), a government agency which oversees private and public school education in India.

This year, Facebook has also invested in Unacademy, a Bangalore start-up that offers online learning courses. This year, Google invested in Cuemath, an Indian start-up in education technology, and also partnered with CBSE to train more than 1 million teachers in India, offering a range of free resources, such as G Suite for Education, Google Classroom and YouTube, to help digitize India’s educational experience. In order to help more than 1 million people enhance their skills, Microsoft has also partnered with several Indian government and business organisations, including the National Skills Development Corporation and Nasscom.