AMD’s desktop CPU share eventually surpasses Intel again after 15 years

World Processor share figures were recently released by the benchmark research PassMark. AMD had a 50.8 percent stake of the global desktop CPU market as of the fourth quarter of 2020, surpassing Intel’s 49.2 percent share. AMD led Intel for the last time in the fourth quarter of 2005, 15 years ago, when AMD led Intel with a 53.9 percent stake, but this lead only lasted for a quarter, and Intel managed to keep it down until 2021. Uh, year.

In addition to the Zen 3 APU for this year, the next one is the 5nm Zen 4. The offensive momentum of AMD is still really high overall. The differentiation is much greater in the server sector. Intel accounts for 98.6% and AMD accounts for just 1.4% . Servers are separate and can not be modified from consumer goods. Some of them, many years back, do use old goods. Of note, no server market share remains. AMD is too trivial to solve, and it still has a long way to go.