An animation of the pairing process shows the true appearance of Apple’s AirTags tracker

This year, Apple is scheduled to eventually release the long awaited object tracker for AirTags. A 3D animation of an accessory supposedly created by Apple was posted by YouTuber and leaker Jon Prosser before that. Prosser said he learned this animation from a software developer, and he hopes that in upcoming iOS updates, this animation could be presented to consumers.

Apple also displayed related 3D simulations of other accessories, including different versions of HomePods and AirPods, during the iPhone or iPad pairing process.

The shape of the AirTags is roughly a small circular sticker with a polished silver metal disk on the back, as can be seen from the previous simulation diagram. AirTags can help users track their personal objects, such as keys, wallets, and backpacks, close to Tile. Users can get push alerts on Apple devices when users are removed from the tagged objects. In the Find My app, AirTags will be handled from the new Things tab.