An insider exploded the former CEO of Thunder

On October 8, Xunlei released a notice reporting that the famous Chinese company’s former CEO, Chen Lei, had been arrested for alleged occupational embezzlement by the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Chen Lei ‘s associated criminal activities have been revealed one after another, from being suspended from his post to facing scrutiny by public safety agencies. A individual familiar with the matter further revealed to a China Business News writer that Chen Lei was also accused of corruption in addition to work embezzlement during his term. Chen Lei was accused of embezzling business funds by fake reimbursements and overpaying himself from 2017 until his firing, and the sum was especially massive.

It is said that on April 2nd, the day Chen Lei was fired from his employment, Yao Mou, Chen Lei’s former driver, invited Xunlei’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Net Heart Technology, to dinner with individual security personnel. He was tasked with leadership after acquiring the respect of the security staff. The company’s data room used the access card of the security staff to carry five 1 T hard drives at 23:30 in the evening into the computer room of the company’s computer room. In an effort to intercept company data and source code, after accessing the computer room, Yao inserted the hard disk into the company’s server. Because it takes a long time to transmit data, Yao left the hard disk in the computer room and smoked on his own from the computer room. The company’s management system learned during the process that the company was introducing remote access control. In the computer room, the five hard disks that Yao took into the computer room to collect data were kept.

In reaction to this disclosure, Xunlei replied that the matter was handed over to the public security departments for handling in compliance with the law and that everything was subject to the decision of the public security departments and that new information on subsequent events would be synchronized in due time.

Earlier, individuals familiar with Xunlei told China Business News that when Xunlei’s new management audited the firm, the alleged occupational occupation listed in Xunlei ‘s announcement was discovered: A Xunlei bandwidth provider called Xing Fusion was actually operated by Chen Lei. Via numerous fraudulent means, the corporation diverted a large number of funds to Xing Fusion and used fraud to attempt to move the key technological staff of the Xunlei Corporation to Xing Fusion. Chen Lei fled the nation in early April in order to escape an investigation.