An internal document shows that 5G cannot be enabled in iPhone 12 dual card mode

Monday, October 19, 2020, 14:59 GMT

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According to a screenshot of Apple’s sales FAQ shared with retailers and operators, using the iPhone 12 in dual SIM mode will adjust the cellular data speed to 4G LTE.

Both 5 G iPhone 12 models support dual SIM card mode (iPhone 12 mini National Bank supports single card), but the picture of the revealed training manual called “You need to know 5 G information on iPhone” reveals that iPhone 12 does not support 5 G when dual SIM card mode is activated in the state.

The FAQ ‘s material is as follows:

“Is 5 G possible to use for dual SIM cards?

When using two lines in dual SIM mode, neither line supports 5G data and will fall back to 4G LTE. They will use 5 G if consumers still use eSIM to use 5G-supported providers to service contracts.

The paper suggests that only by disabling a SIM card will 5 G speed be supported. This limitation would, if confirmed, disappoint some users.

This incompatibility, on the bright side, could be a software issue. The Reddit user who posted the image above stated that while using dual SIM cards later in 2020, Apple would upgrade the 5 G connectivity problem.

This information is said to have been disclosed in Apple’s internal training documents, but it was not mentioned in Apple’s support page for dual SIM cards, which was updated on 26 September.

Note: This is for physical SIM + eSIM versions that are global. It is not yet finalised if the Bank of China model is the same.