An old and popular tool will be removed from Windows 10

Microsoft is taking yet another step towards removing the traditional Windows 10 “Control Panel” completely. The “Programs and Functions” applet, which has been in the framework for several decades, went underneath the knife in a fresh prototype creation of the OS.

Closer to the removal of the “Control Panel”

Microsoft plans to remove the classic Programs and Features applet from the Windows 10 Control Panel, which is designed to remove and reinstall programs. This will be the next step on the path to leave the “Control Panel” completely in favor of the relatively new “Config” system application 

As written by Windows Latest aid, with the introduction of Windows 10 build 20211, the user is diverted to the Apps and Functions portion of the Configuration framework while attempting to go to Programs and Functions.

For Windows Insider Pre-Tests, Build 20211, launched September 10th, 2020. Thus developers may reject this shift while creating a version.

Classic system :

Since Windows 2.0, launched in 1987, the “Control Panel” has been, and remains an integral part of Windows. It comprises personal computer settings, includes modules or applets such as “Device Manager,” “Keyboard,” “Mouse,” “Customization,” “Sound” etc. Perhaps one of the “Control Panel” modules most commonly used though is “Programs and Functions.”

With the release of Windows Vista in 2007 the module Programs and Functions acquired its current name. This portion was labeled Add / Remove Programs in Microsoft operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows XP. 

The operating system continues with Windows 8 (2012) and has one more device configuration with parameters, called “Setup.” The touch screen interface is optimised. The number of settings in the “Parameters” increases as new versions and system updates are released.

Modern Dialogue “Applications and Features”

The functionality of the Programs and Features applet is duplicated in Settings using the Applications and Features setting.

Not the first attempt to get rid of the “Control Panel”:

Leblanc reiterated following the former vice president of Microsoft’s Twitter forum, Gabriel Eul (Gabriel Aul). He clarified that the simultaneous existence of both “Control Panel” and “Parameters” complicates the production and contributes to increased disk space and RAM use. Eul had quit the organization in 2019.