Android: Lightning-speed writing is no longer a concern

For those who are not familiar with the popular service operated by the emblematic green robot, the Gboard Android keyboard may be a real pit. But writing quickly with these easy tricks will become a child’s play.

None of us have the chance to stop and “waste” so much time on our mobile by composing long messages amid such a hectic and eventful life trajectory. For this cause, we teach you the tricks of writing faster than normal in the Android edition. The Gboard keyboard is the model we will take as an example.

Android: The fundamental guidelines for writing quickly
We believe that we can make a long click on the first word to be chosen when we need to pick a portion of the written text. As soon as the list begins, you will need to begin by clicking and scrolling to the last word of the text section you choose to pick.

With the space bar, switch the cursor.
To adjust the location of the mouse, just use the space bar to move it. However be alert, as a long press of the space bar allows the setting to adjust the language of the keyboard.

Write a double tap on all caps
Only click the shift twice, illustrated by an arrow pointing upwards, when we need to capitalize on Android. Instead, it would be enough to allow a further tap on the change to avoid writing in the upper case to restore the lowercase letters.

Expedite the elimination of terms and phrases:

You will use the backspace key, which is the cancellation placed just above the submit, to erase words and phrases quicker. To delete a word, we extend the pressure time on the backspace and then move the finger towards the letter M. The removed text block would consist of multiple words, instead of sliding your finger towards the letters N and B.