Android: new deals on the Google Play Store today for free software only

The balances in the Android Play Store have been found by many users: there are paying games offered completely free today, here’s what they are.

The constant maintenance of the platform is one of the reasons Android is able to stand up to its customers. Without specific considerations of mind, our smartphone operating system that belongs to Google will comfortably remain in the wake.

In fact, Android has been the most used operating system ever even exceeding the set operating system of Microsoft, best known as Windows. For even those that are marginally more advanced, having a network that means a very high degree of customization and usability is in reality a true godsend. Android has also significantly strengthened its reliability in recent years, adding many fresh innovations that consumers frequently can not see from the naked eye.

image source: xda

However, clearly, as for the Play Shop, the most interesting changes are the noticeable ones. In recent years, the well-known brand has improved exponentially and today it delivers sensational inside discounts. In fact, there are many paid titles offered free of charge for this day only and to be downloaded instantly.

Android: now you can download these paid titles for free from the Play Store

The following list shows all the material in the Play Store that today varies from having a cost to being absolutely free.