Android: top free paid apps on the Google Play Store as a gift

This day will be characterized by big money in the world of the Play Store, here are all the titles in question offered for free.

08:19 GMT, Friday, December 4, 2020

The Android platform’s relationship with consumers has not always been as idyllic as it is right now. Despite its widespread success even during the past years, the sweet green robot also had some minor issues. In terms of producing an application or some other material, this may have been due to stability, or even a quality discourse.

Nevertheless, Android appears to have overcome all the big problems for many years now, thereby being the smartphone application to conquer. At least when it comes to the number of people on Google’s android operating system, there are no rivals: more than 1.5 billion active worldwide. One factor in particular is the merit: flexibility.

This particularity, which now belongs to Android, helps you to configure the operating system on many occasions. To allow this, we also consider Google’s Play Store, a space dedicated to installing useful personalization of content as well.

There have also been incredible promotions over the past few days, including some paid applications and games available at no cost.
These paying Play Store titles are free for today’s Android,
The list below highlights the best games on the home Android Play Store today. We are clearly referring to the paying ones delivered free of charge.

Android, for today only these titles are free instead of paid

In the list below you can find the titles of the Android world that will remain free on the Play Store for several days.