Another high speed, Intel will launch mass development of the 11th

In January next year, Intel will launch mass development of the 11th generation Core B560 motherboard and will allow memory overclocking.

Intel will launch mass production in January next year and is about to announce the 11th generation Core processor series, a new generation of desktop platform products. A roadmap of Intel, which can practically be proven to be real, was recently posted by a Twitter user @OneRaichu. As early as June, Intel started developing engineering prototypes and launched an enhanced version in August. Intel has already begun manufacturing technical tests for qualification certification by the end of November, which are now leaked on the Internet everywhere.

The RTS (Ready To Ship) date is projected to be about the 12th-21st week of 2021, according to the road map. Intel seems to try to ship faster if possible. If the arrow shows, it is the moment of time when it is anticipated that the first shipment of retail goods will be delivered in advance. Combined with the launch in January of the 500 series chipset motherboard a few days ago, it makes common sense, at least.

Twitter user @Harukaze5719, on the other hand, confirmed that the next generation B560 series chipset from Intel would allow overclocking of memory and will operate memory through allowing XMP. Memory overclocking was removed in the previous generation of B series motherboards, and even the XMP feature was closed. Only high-end motherboards from the Z-series were exclusive. It seems that Intel has also eased the motherboard constraints, which is positive news for buyers.