Another iPhone 13 leak: diagonal split camera, 7 vibrant colors

Apple hosted a spring new product launch conference last week, introducing a new wave of iPad Pros, iMacs, and other products. These product lines have been updated significantly, including mini LED panels, new styles, and so on, making them much more spectacular. I’m excited for the iPhone 13 edition, which will be released this fall. Apple is expected to host a new product launch conference this year in September to iterate on the iPhone product line and formally launch the new iPhone 13 range, according to previous reports.

Any internet users recently shared a series of comparison renderings of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, which revealed some of the latest machine’s improvements.

The iPhone 13 retains the general design ideas of the current product, following a right-angle frame and a camera arrangement scheme in the upper left corner, but the camera arrangement is moved to a diagonal grid, and the overall visual perception seems to be more organized.

Furthermore, Apple has been creating vibrant color schemes for the digital series since the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 13 will go even further, unveiling a total of seven color schemes in black, white, red, coral, green, blue, and rose gold. There are also additional paint schemes available. Will broaden the appeal of the iPhone 13 and then promote sales.

According to previous rumors from different outlets, the iPhone 13 series will use a smaller bangs screen and refine the Face ID components in the bangs using a micro-slit earpiece solution, taking into account the screen-to-body ratio and Face ID face recognition effect.

The iPhone 13 will be fitted with Apple’s next generation A15 chip and will continue to be manufactured using TSMC’s 5nm technology, according to reports. Overall efficiency does not vary significantly from that of the previous generation A14, but power usage and heat output may be reduced.