Apple and Prepear are expected to end the dispute over the pear design trademark

Apple made headlines as early as August because of its resistance by the maker of Prepear, the key recipe and meal plan software, to the “Pear” trademark application. The proposed Prepear logo was rejected by Apple on the grounds that it appeared to be identical to Apple’s own logo. While the emblem of Prepear just portrays the shape of a pear.

In the submission, however, Apple reported that Prepear’s logo “is composed of a simple fruit design and a right-angled leaf, which is easily reminiscent of Apple’s famous Apple logo and produces a similar commercial impression.”

In an effort to defend a brand that looks very different from the Apple logo, Super Safe Kids, the organization behind Prepear, launched a petition to try to force Apple to drop its resistance to a small company. Now the petition has been obtained. About 250,000 signatures.

While Apple did not give up its resistance, because of the document submitted to the U.S., it seems that the settlement of the conflict could be very swift. Last week, the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board of the Patent and Trademark Office demanded that the trial proceedings be postponed for 30 days because “the two parties are actively negotiating, To resolve this matter”

While the suspension is official for 30 days, any party can restart litigation at any moment. If no further clarification is available to the parties, hearings will immediately begin on 23 January.

If a settlement cannot be found, it appears that the case will be postponed for some time. The preliminary disclosure of the preliminary hearing will commence in March, the key trial briefing will begin in October and the potential appeal for an oral hearing will not take effect until December 2021. They’ll be kept.