Apple challenges smart speaker champion Amazon, “key” is UWB

New products are now available from a major US IT company that continues to fight with smart speakers for initiative.

Monday, November 9, 2020, 12:29 GMT

Sales will begin on ( and Google (Google) in October 2020 and will be released by Apple (Apple) on November 16. They are both reasonably priced at under US$ 100. We aim to make “one in a room” popular, not just “one in a family.”

Not only the voice dialogue function, which is one of AI ( artificial intelligence), but also the point that the sound quality as a speaker is improved, are the products developed by the three companies. Yet, looking at the specifics, each business has its own uniqueness. Amazon, the smart speaker and top share pioneer, and Apple, which is trying to catch up, are of particular note. Amazon has improved AI ‘s performance, and Apple has strengthened its cooperation with its own products, such as the iPhone and Apple Watch.

In the 100 million units per year market,
Since Amazon released the “Amazon Echo” equipped with “Alexa” in 2014, the smart speaker market with voice recognition and dialogue functions has been launched. It is expanding year by year, and shipments in 2019 reached 124.6 million units, up 60 percent from the previous year, according to Singapore research firm Canalys.

Amazon, which has opened up the market, is the leader. In 2019, on a shipment basis, it held a share of approximately 30 percent (29.9 percent). On the other hand, from 2018 , Google, which is second, lost more than 10 points, falling below 20% to 19.1%.

China’s Baidu, instead, has emerged. Compared to 2018, it raised its share by more than 9 points, and placed third with 13.9 percent. In 4th place is Alibaba, followed by Xiaomi in 5th place. The 2nd to 5th position shares are in the 10 percent range in both situations, which is a fierce battle. Like Google, any business has the opportunity to drop its share by as much as 10 points a year, and it is unknown whether Amazon will continue to be the leader. In other words , firms ranked 6th or below have an incentive to take the lead as well.