Apple: Foldable iPhone Hinge Mechanism Patent Shows

A new patent has been filed by the Cupertino giant, from which some characteristics of the first folding iPhone can be identified.

17:22 GMT, Saturday, December 5, 2020

There’s no question now: Apple is working on its first iPhone that is foldable. The patents registered by the giant that show this are more and more and hence the evidence that helps one to grasp Apple’s concepts and what the device’s features will increase. In fact a new patent filed by the Cupertino giant gives us the chance to observe what it might do.

Apple is registering a new patent: here’s the possible hinge that will be fitted for the folding iPhone!

The patents on the supposed folding iPhone registered by the giant are now numerous, and continue to grow. The hinge mechanism that may describe the display of the iPhone in question corresponds to one of the more recent papers.

The paper suggests different solutions called Electronic devices with collapsible expandable displays’ that would allow the giant to construct a brochure capable of assuming a right-angled shape and providing a wide, especially resistant surface to the customer. The details acquired from the document registered by Apple can not be deemed definite and what has been assumed up to now could be set aside by the giant.

However, the recent news that has appeared on the net leads one to think that it is likely that the foldable iPhone will be launched by 2022. Apple has already asked its supply company to ship the components required for the production of the first devices to be tested, according to what was recently leaked. Therefore more details could appear on the specifications of the first Apple folding in the coming weeks.