Apple is creating a GaN charger that is smaller and simpler, but not for the iPhone

Apple is developing a smaller and lighter Mac GaN adapter, not the iPhone charger. This year, Navitas Semiconductor will receive orders from Apple to manufacture GaN chargers that are lighter and more lightweight. Furthermore, as part of the new partnership, TSMC will also supply Nanomicro with GaN chips.

It can be strengthened in several respects by the newly built GaN charger. It will be lighter, more compact, better power efficiency can be provided and thermal conductivity reduced. Apple will begin to provide GaN chargers for its USB-C power adapters, the supply chain added. A number of GaN chargers have already been issued by companies including Anker and others, and it seems that Apple will soon join the ranks.

Nanomicro Semiconductor is an industry pioneer and holds an important position in the field of gallium nitride fast charging chargers. Gallium nitride chargers are offered by many brands now. Chargers that range from 24W to 300W can be found. Apple leaves the boxed adapter on the recently introduced iPhone and Apple Watch, which is perhaps why Apple is creating a new charger. It is confirmed that, similar to other 20W, 30W, 61W and 96W USB-C chargers, GaN chargers will be sold separately.

There are many advantages to GaN chargers over silicon chargers. It generates very little heat, so it is possible to pack the components more tightly, thereby reducing the charger size. Furthermore, the integrated power management device would decrease the risk of overcharging by reducing the current after completely charging the battery. It guarantees battery life while ensuring that safety criteria are met.