Apple is said to have reserved TSMC’s 4nm process capacity. A Mac chip is supposed to be the first product

According to stories in international media on April 8th, Apple is the primary customer of TSMC’s advanced chip process technology. Apple is currently the most important customer for TSMC’s 5nm process. This fall, the upgraded 5nm process will also be used to produce Apple’s iPhone. The A15 processor will be included in the 13. The majority of the first wave of TSMC’s 3nm process output potential will be reserved for big customer Apple, according to foreign reports.

Apple has reserved TSMC’s 4nm process capability in addition to 5nm and 3nm, according to English media sources.

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However, according to news in international media, Apple TSMC has booked 4nm technology capacity, which may or may not be used for the development of smart phone chips, with the first device planned to be a Mac chip.

TSMC expects to mass-produce chips using the 4nm process next year. TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia said on an earnings analyst conference call in the second quarter of last year that the 4nm process will be launched, and will be consistent with the architecture rules of the 5nm process, and is more than the 5nm process.

It is cost-effective, and it intends to mass-produce it in 2022.

While Wei Zhejia previously stated that TSMC’s 4nm process will be mass-produced in 2022, an English-language media outlet announced last month that TSMC’s process will be mass-produced in the four seasons of this year, citing sources from wafer fab tool suppliers. They were able to start mass production earlier than anticipated.