Apple is working on its foldable iPhone: it could arrive in 2022

Apple is working on its first foldable iPhone. The Cupertino giant has already requested the components necessary to create the device.

17:47 GMT, Thursday, December 3, 2020

The appetite for folding smartphones has not left the giant Cupertino indifferent. Several patents registered in recent months indicate the intention of Apple to build a foldable iPhone and an indiscretion leaked in recent days reveals that the business is already running on the product and that the launch will continue by 2022.

Apple on a folding iPhone at work: the giant is planning the first test devices!

Apple has already begun planning the first research units, according to what has appeared on the media. According to the most recent reports, the giant has already asked Foxconn, a supplier firm, to supply the required components for the development of the foldable iPhone.

By 2022, then by releasing the first folding iPhone, the Cupertino giant could join the new market between folding smartphones. The computer will have panels that will be produced by Samsung, according to what has appeared on the net in recent months, but the decision made by Apple about the form of panel to be used is not yet clear. Who knows if what the proprietary giant would come to life offering us the chance to know an iPhone capable of fixing the show itself!

Even if the patents already registered lead one to believe that Apple might build a very cool product, it is still too early to bring out assumptions about what the technological requirements of the device could be. At the moment, what arouses no small interest concerns the scale of the handset, as the development of a huge foldable iPhone could impede the iPad mini’s progress.